Parted Magic Gets Major Update, Still Costs Money and Is Still the Best

A new version of the famous Parted Magic distro is now available for purchase and download

Parted Magic 2014.01.04, an operating system that employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful software, has been released and is available for download and purchase.

Parted Magic 2014.01.04 is considered to be a stable release and comes with a huge number of new features. Now, keep in mind that Parted Magic is no longer free.

The developer chose to change the distribution model and he is now charging a fair amount for the privilege of using it. In his defense, this is a great distribution with a lot of useful features.

“We have come up with a new module system that drastically reduces the amount of RAM needed to use extra programs. In the past we used .txz and .deb packages that were placed in pmagic/pmodules on the CD or USB.”

“Make no mistake, these STILL work. The new module system works exactly like the old system. You simply place our new .sqfm packages into the pmagic/pmodules folder and they merge into the existing Ram Disk without using the extra RAM needed in the uncompressed form. In the next few days we will be updating the docs and the forum to better explain this new system,” reads the official announcement.

A number of applications have been updated, including the Linux kernel, which is now at version 3.12.6. ClamTK 5.01, File Roller 3.10.0, Mozilla Firefox 26.0, and GParted 0.17.0 have also been included.

This latest version of Parted Magic also comes with a few new applications. According to the developers, Gpointing Device Settings, Rdiff Backup, Wimlib, PCRegEdit, and a ton of new perl modules for the ClamTK upgrade have been implemented.

Check out the complete list of changes and improvements on the official website. Download and purchase Parted Magic 2014.01.04 right now from Softpedia.

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