Parted Magic 5.0 Released, Powered by Linux Kernel

GParted 0.6.1 also included

Patrick Verner announced a few minutes ago (July 12th) the immediate availability of the new and major version of his popular Parted Magic operating system. Parted Magic 5.0 comes now with Linux kernel, GParted 0.6.1, Xorg Server 1.7.7, support for the French, German, Norwegian, Italian, Russian and Brazilian languages, a few updated packages, as well as some bug fixes and improvements. Parted Magic is an operating system created to help users easily partition their hard drives or perform various recovery tasks.

"I would like to give a big thanks to Dick Burggraaff (burdi01) for all of his contributions over the past couple of months. He has made many updates to the init scripts as well as the much improved Parted Magic Keyboard program located on the desktop. Overall, many bugs have been fixed and this release is far better than anything in the 4.X releases for a large number of people." - said Patrick Verner in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Parted Magic 5.0:

· Linux kernel;

· Xorg Server 1.7.7;

· GParted 0.6.1;

· Added support for new languages (French, German, Norwegian, Italian, Russian and Brazilian);

· ClamAV 0.96.1;

· Bash 4.1;

· FreeType 2.3.12;

· Syslinux 4.01;

· SimpleBurn 1.5.1;

· module-init-tools 3.12;

· wireless_tools 29;

· wpa_supplicant 0.7.2;

· util-linux-ng 2.18;

· Added Gawk 3.1.8;

· Added psensor 0.2.6;

· Added Wiper 2.6

· Added lscpu utility;

· Added tk 8.5.8;

· Many bugs were fixed.

Review image
Parted Magic 5.0 boot menu

"You can select German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Brazilian, and Russian languages from the boot menu. The "Default" and "Live" options are both supported as point and click. I'm hoping this new feature correctly sets the keyboard as well. These languages where determined by the countries which download Parted Magic the most. A large number of my cash donors come from Germany, so I have a great interest in supporting this country in anyway possible." - revealed Patrick Verner.

About Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a business-card operating system based on Slackware Linux, with programs that allow you to partition hard disks with ease. Programs like Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue, and a good documentation will help you in your partitioning tasks. Parted Magic is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Download Parted Magic 5.0 right now from Softpedia.

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