Parted Magic 4.4 Adds Dial-Up Networking and Sound Support

Super GRUB Disk is also included

Patrick Verner announced the release of Parted Magic 4.4, a Linux distribution that aids users in hard drive partitioning and data rescue. This version features a special program for dial-up networking, sound support through ALSA, Unionfs compression to reduce RAM usage, SSH server initialization upon boot and, last but not least, Super Grub Disk to take care of bootloader problems.

"This new version of Parted Magic has some major updates. Users can now get on-line with dial-up networking through our "Start Network" program. Parted Magic is not in the desktop media business, but ALSA sound drivers and ALSA core programs were added if you would like to use a media player. We highly suggest Slackware-12.x packages." - Patrick Verner said in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Parted Magic 4.4:

· Linux kernel;

· PCMan File Manager svn878;

· FSArchiver 0.5.8;

· Clonezilla 2.3.3-68;

· safecopy 1.5;

· GPT fdisk (gdisk) 0.3.1

· Diskless Remote Boot in Linux 1.9.4-47;

· Parralel gzip 2.1.5;

· Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2;

· Many other software updates.

Also, many bugs concerning Broadcom Ethernet cards, mount points, Samba and recovery ISO support in Clonezilla were fixed. Make no mistake about it, Parted Magic 4.4 may come in a 96MB archive, but it's truly a heavyweight when it comes to data recovery. However, this last release is a bit more oriented towards user friendliness and graphical utilities.

About Parted Magic:

Parted Magic is a minimal Linux distribution geared towards hard drive partitioning and disaster recovery. It sets itself apart from similar tools with the addition of a graphical environment and the presence of several useful programs, like a web browser, an image viewer and, in the latest version, sound support. It is loosely based on Slackware and features the popular disk partitioning tool gParted.

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