Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1 Is Available for Download

Now synchronized with Debian testing repositories (Feb 7, 2011)

Alan Baghumian proudly announced on October 9th, the immediate availability for download of the Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1 operating system.

Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1 is the first maintenance update to Parsix 3.7 series, bringing a lot of new features and improvements, and of course many updated packages.

Dubbed Raul, Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1 has been synchronized with the Debian testing repositories as of February 7th, 2011. It is now powered by a newer kernel and brings the nouveau video diver for Nvidia graphics cards.

The updated installer of Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1 allows users to install the OS on RAID partitions. It also features GRUB2, NetworkManager 0.8.1, and X.Org 7.5.

Among other notable changes in Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1 we can mention the new artwork, based on Drustan's Nebula, Ubuntu's Light Themes, Foresight's GTK 2 theme engine, Tropical sound theme, and GNOME Colors - Dust icon theme.

The Adobe Flash Player plugin has been also updated to version 10.3 for 32-bit architectures and version 10.2.preview3.111710 for 64-bit architectures.

Highlights of Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1:

· Linux kernel;

· GNOME 2.32.1;

· X.Org Server 1.7.7;

· GNU Iceweasel 7.0.1;

· Chromium 13.0.782.220;

· 3.2.1;

· Glibc 2.11.2;

· SquashFS+Lzma 4.0;

· GParted 0.8.1;

· Empathy 2.30.3;

· The GIMP 2.6.8;

· Grisbi 0.8.8;

· CompizFusion 0.8.4;

· Synaptic Package Manager 0.70.1;

· VirtualBox-OSE 4.0.4;

· VLC Media Player 1.1.3;

· xFarDic 0.11.7.

About Parsix

Parsix is aimed as a standard desktop distribution and comes with a full desktop environment and packages suite. It can be installed on desktops and laptops, but it can be run from the LiveCD environment as well. Parsix is based on the Debian testing release and and can be traced back to KANOTIX.

Download Parsix GNU/Linux 3.7r1 right now from Softpedia.

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