Parsix 4.0 R2 Distro Features GNOME 3.4.2

The developers also chose to update the Linux kernel

Parsix GNU/Linux, a live and installation DVD based on Debian that aims to provide a ready-to-use, easy-to-install, desktop and laptop optimized operating system, is now at version 4.0 R2.

Parsix is slowly advancing and the final version should be available in the near future. The ultimate goal of the developers is to provide an easy-to-install desktop and laptop optimized operating system, based on Debian's testing branch and the latest stable release of GNOME desktop environment.

“Parsix GNU/Linux 4.0 (code name Gloria) brings tons of updated packages, faster live boot, improved installer system and quality new features. The updated 4.0r2 version has been synchronized with Debian testing repositories as of January 30, 2013,” states the official announcement.

The 4.0 version is the first one released with the Gnome 3 desktop environment and with the LibreOffice productivity suit by default.

Gloria has a brand new software manager package, but it also comes with new artwork, based on the Metal X Shell Theme. Also, the Flash player has been updated to 11.2, for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Highlights of Parsix 4.0 R2:

• Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.2.37;

• GNOME has been updated to version 3.4.2;

• Xserver-xorg has been updated to version 1.12.4;

• GNU Iceweasel has been updated to version 18.0.1;

• Chromium Browser is now at version 22.0;

• LibreOffice 3.4.5 has been integrated into the distribution.

• VirtualBox has been updated to version 4.1.18.

According to the developers, it's now possible to install ATI, nVidia and nVidia-legacy (173xx and 96xx series) drivers and kernel modules from the APT repository.

Also, due to large updates and system changes, the only proper way to upgrade your existing installation to Gloria would be doing an update mode installation.

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of new features and updates.

Download Parsix 4.0 R2 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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