Paris Hilton's Pornography Exposed

And deserves a recount

Porn is an every day occurrence in Paris Hilton's life, just as club hopping, cocaine consumption and treating sexual transmitted diseases are. For the heiress of the Hilton hotels chain, exposure has an inherent sexual meaning, and is taken as literally as possible. And there's no limit to Paris exposing herself. Or at leas nothing that we haven't seen. And when your vagina is a part of the highly valued American pop culture, what more can you ask of yourself as an average socialite?

If you have no real talent and only scarce intelligence, why not let pornography say who you really are? Well, apparently Paris Hilton does not want her c**k sucking videos to be a business card and she managed to get a federal judge to issue a temporary injunction against The website's owner had managed to get his hands on a variety of Paris Hilton related material from videos, to diary pages, to prescriptions and has turned a hefty profit by selling it online.

I can only imagine how the court hearing went. Paris: "Your eminence, dear judge, can you forbid this faggot from to expose my pornography, and the videos containing footage of me playing with cocaine and calling people niggers and faggots?" (the interpretation is a fragment of the author's imagination, and not the actual words of Paris Hilton).

And when pornography, cocaine and genital herpes are a part of Paris Hilton's mundane existence, does she not deserve the exposure she is seeking so hard-core? Hilton's original "One night in Paris" porn movie is featured in the third position of the top ten online viral videos with only 400 million views. But the fact of the matter is that it is already a household title on peer-to-peer networks just as the materials from are. I think she deserves a recount, to get the true measure of her exposure...

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