Parents Shame Daughter for Sneaking Boys In, Make Her Wear Sign

“I sneak boys in at 3 a.m.,” her embarrassing sign reads

15-year-old Jasmine's stands on the corner of a busy street, wearing a more than embarrassing sign. Her parents opted for public humiliation instead of grounding when they decided to discipline their daughter.

Mike and Melinda from Flagler County, Florida, tell WESH that they care for their daughter very much, but she has been very disrespectful to them. Her drinking, lying and sneaking out has to stop, they say.

They deem it appropriate punishment for her to wear a sign which details her misbehavior: “I sneak boys in at 3 a.m. and disrespect my parents and grandparents,” it reads.

Even though father Mike claims “This is all about love,” it's safe to assume Jasmine will not take it that way, and grow apart from her parents, whom she now probably sees as tyrants.

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