Parent Forces Children to Hold Signs, Embarrasses Them

A dad from Northwest Miami-Dade shames his sons into doing their homework, chores

One parent has taken to shaming his sons into submission by making them wear signs detailing all their wrongdoings. 

WSVN informs that Darius Hepburn of Northwest Miami-Dade is resorting to what he calls a “different approach” in disciplining his sons.

The two boys stand by the side of the road at the intersection of 22nd Avenue and 119th Street holding the giant posters made for them, as seen above.

“I don’t listen to my parents” and “Learn from my mistakes,” they read.

Hepburn decided to use this method of punishment after noticing that the boys weren't doing well in school and were refusing to complete their chores at home.

Do you think this is an efficient educational exercise or just bad parenting? Leave your response in the comments section.

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