Pardus Linux 2011.2 Has Been Released

Codenamed Cervus elaphus, it brings lots of security updates and improvements

Gökçen Eraslan proudly announced last evening, September 19th, the immediate availability for download and upgrade of the popular Pardus 2011.2 Linux-based Turkish operating system.

Dubbed Cervus elaphus, the new Pardus 2011.2 Linux operating system brings important security updates, new packages and lots of bugfixes. Pardus 2011.2 comes as an Installation DVD and Live ISO images for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Just like its previous release, the ISO images of Pardus Linux 2011.2 include full support for all officially approved languages, which makes the images bigger than the size of a CD. Therefore users will have to either use an USB flash drive or a blank DVD media in order to burn and install Pardus Linux 2011.2.

Highlights of Pardus Linux 2011.2:

· Linux kernel;

· KDE Software Compilation 4.6.5;

· LibreOffice 3.4.3;

· NetworkManager;

· ModemManager 0.5 (with 3G support);

· CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) 1.4.8;

· New Nvidia video drivers;

· Updated the Adobe Flash Player plugin;

· The GIMP 2.6.11;

· Fixed a MPlayer/libass crash when playing subtitled videos.

Pardus Linux 2011.2

The new NetworkManager present in Pardus 2011.2 fixes some issues with adding VPN connections and memorizes the WLAN security passwords when the distribution is upgraded.

On the other hand, the updated ModemManager package included in Pardus 2011.2 brings improvements for Samsung, Ericsson F5521gw, Qualcomm Gobi and Android handset modems, Nokia N900 devices, support for multiple CDMA Rm protocols. It also fixes CDMA EVDO registration states and Option access technology reporting.

Last but not least, the new LibreOffice included in Pardus 2011.2 brings lots of fixes, such as multi-range copy from VBA in Calc, hidden column in Data->Form crash in Calc, closing document with footnotes crash, column row boundaries crash in Calc, detection of xlk documents, and more.

Download Pardus Linux 2011.2 right now from Softpedia. For a painless installation experience, the Pardus developers recommend using good quality DVD media and burn the ISO images in DAO (Disc-At-Once) mode at maximum 4X burning speed.

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