Paranormal Activity: Haunted Mirror Sold for $155 (€115) on eBay

A seller has woken up with inexplicable scratches on his body, since having the mirror

Two roommates from London have auctioned off an allegedly “haunted” mirror on eBay, for $155 (€115). Joseph Birch, 20, and Sotiris Charalambous, 43 didn't pay anything for the mirror, which they found near a dumpster.

However, they claim it is haunted and it has brought only mishaps and strange incidents since retrieving it, HuffPost reports.

One of them has woken up with scratches on his body, they have both spotted "flickering shadows" reflected in the mirror, and they have had financial difficulties recently.

“The mood in the flat turned sour. I felt constantly as if there was a sense of impending doom upon us. As if something awful was about to happen.

“Both of us began to feel zombie like, as if drained of all our energy. Many times over the course of the next few months we were unable to move out of bed, our bodies weak and tired for no apparent reason.

“However, leaving the flat for any short amount of time would make us both feel instantly better. Upon returning to the flat, the zapping of energy feeling would strike again,” one of the sellers describes in the eBay post.

There is definitely some paranormal activity going on here, as these stories sound made up, and someone has actually paid $155 (€115) for a mirror they believe is haunted.

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