“Paranormal Activity 5” Gets Official Release Date

Franchise continues with another installment, out next year

To the surprise of the entire world absolutely no one, the “Paranormal Activity” franchise will live on to see another year, even if it’s long lost that certain je ne sais quoi that made it stand apart from all the other horror flicks.

Paramount Pictures has confirmed a fifth film will be out next year, Deadline reports.

“Deadline scooped last month that a fifth installment in Paramount’s horror franchise would happen, and now the studio has set an October 25, 2013 wide release date for it — just in time for Halloween,” the industry publication reports.

In other words, “PA” is becoming the new “Saw,” putting out a fresh installment each year on Halloween, until it completely cannibalizes itself.

“Jason Blum is back as producer for Paranormal Activity 5, which is expected to advance the story from the previous films,” Deadline further says.

For the time being, these are the only details available. No director and cast have yet been attached but, considering the release date, it’s safe to say Paramount will be moving quickly on this one.

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