Paramount Offers ‘Paranormal Activity’ as Free Download

Fans demanding to see the hotly anticipated “Paranormal Activity 2” and pre-ordering tickets to a screening for it will have the chance to download “Paranormal Activity” free of charge, Paramount Pictures announces.

The sequel to last year’s screamfest, simply called “Paranormal Activity 2,” is about to arrive in US theaters nationwide – but, in the meanwhile, it’s playing on demand.

To encourage fans to demand the sequel in a theater near them, Paramount Pictures is offering the first film as a free download, but only for those who pre-order tickets, ScreenCrave reports.

“Moviegoers purchasing a ticket exclusively at the link below will receive a free code to download Paranormal Activity from the iTunes Store,” the e-zine says.

“Oren Peli the Director and Producer of Paranormal Activity and Producer of the sequel is a big advocate of supporting the movies and giving it away to fans,” ScreenCrave writes.

“We are incredibly grateful to the fans for making Paranormal Activity a worldwide phenomenon. We hope the free download of Paranormal Activity will thrill fans old and new in anticipation of the sequel,” Peli says.

To preorder tickets, fans have only to visit the official website (ParanormalMovie) and preorder tickets for one of the upcoming shows. They will instantly be provided with the download code.

What’s more, they won’t be disappointed by the sequel (which is actually a prequel), even if many follow-ups fail to rise to the high standard set by the first film, Al Capone of Ain’t It Cool News writes in his review of “PA 2.”

“It’s spooky as hell. And if it’s even possible, I felt more of a sense of dread than I did during the first go-round,” Capone writes. For those who’ve seen the viral videos, it’s the baby that’s spooky.

“In most ways, Paranormal Activity 2 exceeds the scares of the first film, and does so without resorting to easy special effects or growing the plot outside of the home,” Capone offers.

“I was a big fan of Paranormal Activity and I’m even more impressed with the new movie that borrows its style and pacing but ramps up the tension and scares considerably,” he says.

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