Parallels Desktop 10 Makes Windows Look as Good as OS X Yosemite – Video

This virtualization software will make everything faster and use less battery

Some users really need to use Windows on a Mac. Maybe they have special apps running on Windows, or they just want to have an easier transition from Windows to OS X and they want to take it slow. Regardless of your reason to install Windows on a Mac, it's good to know that both Apple and 3rd party software developers make it easy to install Windows on your machine.
If you do not want to boot separately, one of the best virtualization software available is Parallels. The new Parallels Desktop 10 was just announced and its developers say that it will bring some of the goodies from OS X Yosemite into the Windows world. 
Even though you are inside the virtualized machine, it doesn't mean you are stuck in there. You still need ways to share stuff or save it to your cloud service. This is what the new Parallels 10 gets you. 
Now the Windows app will get support for iCloud Drive, iMessages and SMS text sharing. You can also control the virtual machines from Spotlight preview and Finder QuickLook. The app offers Wizards and guides to improve performance and battery life. The developers say Parallels can open documents up to 48 percent faster and the battery life is extended by 30 percent. Having a smaller virtual machine requires less memory – up to 10%. 
When you install a virtual machine, regional settings from the Mac are set by default in the Windows virtual machines. There's also a new Parallels Control Center that allows users to manage their virtual machines and configuration settings from one interface. 
You can now share text, documents or even webpages links using Internet accounts that were previously configured on your Mac. This works with Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr or you can even send the text or files via AirDrop and
When you install a Windows app, it is automatically included in OS X Launchpad. When the app is open and the icon shows up in Dock, you can even drag files onto it to open them.
Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is available as of August 20, and you can upgrade to the new version if you have version 9 for just $49.99 (€37.61). If you have purchased Parallels 9 after August 1, you are eligible for a free update.

There is also a new version of Parallels 9 for Mac that gets your Mavericks Multiple Display support, Mavericks Finder tabs working with Windows applications or PowerNap that extends to Windows apps.

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