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It's obvious that Facebook put a lot of work into this app

Facebook has just released Paper and people are quite happy with the new app, as reviews are coming in.

The tool is a news-reading app that combines worldwide information divided by topics and your Facebook news feed, full of the most important updates coming from your friends.

Paper has a really nice interface that cuts out anything that’s not absolutely necessary in Facebook, including the usual blue ribbon on top. There’s just a lot of vertical scrolling involved so you can get through the content.

There’s a profile page, where you can see details about you and a Facebook news feed page where you can view important information from your friends, which you can go through with the help of some horizontal scrolling (for a change).

There are also a lot of gestures implemented in Facebook Paper that may take a while to get used to. For instance, in order to move back from a story you’re reading, you have to pull down, which will take you back to the original section it came from.

Swiping left and right at the top of the panel will help you travel through sections. Also, one of the coolest features that Paper comes with is the ability to pan back and forth through oversized pictures by tilting your phone.

The main idea with Paper is that it puts together your need of a minimum amount of digital social life and your need to stay informed. It’s very easy to handle and you can figure out where everything is in just a few minutes of handling the app.

The starting tutorial is also quite handy and should help point out the main features before you even try figuring things out on your own.

Facebook’s Paper is the best app the company has built so far and although it has been compared to Flipboard (it truly does feel like it sometimes), it provides a different experience by mixing Facebook with news feeds.

Try it out and let us know what you think.


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