Pantera's The Great Southern Trendkill Comes to Rock Band

Full metal feature

Harmonix and MTV Games are announcing that metal band Pantera will be coming to Rock Band with their best known album, “The Great Southern Trendkill.” Fans of the band will be able to get the songs on the Xbox 360 from Microsoft, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and on the Nintendo Wii starting today.

The Pantera songs that will be available to music lovers are: “The Great Southern Trendkill,” “War Nerve,” “Drag the Waters,” “10’s,” “13 Steps to Nowhere,” “Suicide Note Pt. II,” “Living Through Me (Hell’s Wrath),” “Floods,” “The Underground in America” and “(Reprise) Sandblasted Skin.” Harmonix is mentioning that all the above tracks are original master recordings coming directly from the band.

Those who are interested in getting the entire album from Pantera will be able to do so for 15.99 dollars or 1,280 Microsoft Points. Those playing on the Nintendo Wii can only get individual tracks for the price of 200 Wii Points and PS3, and Xbox 360 users can also grab individual songs for 160 Microsoft Points or 1.99 dollars.

Pantera was formed in 1981, just as metal and hard rock were coming into the mainstream, and the band has gone on to sell more than 8 million albums in the United States and be named as one of the Top 10 biggest heavy metal bands by MTV. “The Great Southern Trendkill” came out in 1996 and the solo on the song “Floods” was named as the 15th Greatest Guitar Solo of All-Time by Guitar World magazine.

There are now more than 1,200 songs on offer in the Rock Band Marketplace for those who need more tracks to jam to and Harmonix and MTV Games show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The company is also set to launch Green Day: Rock Band on June 8 and is working on a full featured Rock Band 3.

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