Pantech Launches 5.3-Inch Vega R3 Quad-Core Smartphone

The handset will hit shelves in South Korea on Tuesday

Today, South Korean mobile phone maker Pantech has announced the upcoming availability of its Vega R3 quad-core smartphone.

The new device will arrive on shelves with a large 5.3-inch touchscreen display, making it a worthy competitor against handsets such as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or LG Optimus G.

The new Pantech Vega R3 comes to the market with a powerful battery packed inside, and is said to be “the best existing quad-core smartphone.”

"The smartphone market is changing into an unprecedented scene of fierce competition. Vega R3 is the best existing quad-core smartphone. I dare tell competitors to learn from Pantech," Pantech’s Vice President Lee Joon-woo said, Yonhap News reports.

The new smartphone packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor inside, while boasting Sharp's 5.3-inch Natural IPS Pro LCD touchscreen that can deliver an HD resolution.

The phone’s 2,600mAh battery should provide long usage times, the company announced, adding that it has also been optimized for shorter charging times.

The mobile phone comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity packed inside, as well as with Micro-USB port, Built-in GPS, and a microSD memory card slot to enable users to expand the available internal memory.

Vega R3’s photo shooting capabilities are also worth mentioning, Pantech notes, underlining its ability to provide multiple choices when it comes to faces in an image, so that one could choose the best to be displayed.

The new Pantech Vega R3 is expected to arrive on shelves in South Korea via all three major wireless carriers in the country.

Set to hit the market on Tuesday, the new handset will provide users with fast data transfer rates on 4G LTE networks.

The device is meant to help Pantech regain a leading position on the South Korean market, Yonhap News reports. The handset will compete directly with the aforementioned Galaxy Note 2 and Optimus G, as well as with Apple’s new iPhone 5.

"Pantech grabbed the No. 2 market share last year. If we properly compete with the iPhone 5, we anticipate reclaiming the position sometime in the first half," Lee Yong-joon, executive vice president of Pantech, reportedly stated.

Unfortunately, Pantech did not offer specific info on when the new handset would be released in other countries around the world. Hopefully, it won't be long before these details are made official.

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