Panoramio Automatically Detects the Location of Your Photos When Uploading

Making it easier to place photos at their correct location

Google may be all about Google+ these days, but it sometimes remembers that it has other products, even other social products. Panoramio, the geo-tagged photo sharing service, has gotten an improved way of placing photos on the map.

If the photo you're trying to upload doesn't have a geo-tag, you can determine its location manually.

To make it easy to add the location, Panoramio recently updated its upload tool to enable users to simply drag their photos to the spot they were taken.

Now it's improving the process further by suggesting the place the photo was taken and enabling users to simply "snap it" to that location.

"Today, we’re announcing some improvements to help you even more easily geo-tag your photos in Panoramio. You can now snap your photos to a place on the map," Google announced.

"When searching for your photo location, you’ll see a list of suggested places where your photo may have been taken, and you can click 'Snap to this place' to select the right location," it added.

"We’ve also added the ability for users to indicate that a photo was taken indoors. These additional details about where a photo was taken provide all users with more useful information and context," it explained.

Earlier this year, Panoramio updated its upload tool. The uploader makes it easier to import photos from Picasa or Google+, which are basically the same these days, and also to import large batches of photos, by allowing users to edit details as the photos are uploaded.

But it also introduced a way of placing photos in their right location simply by dragging a marker over the location.

Panoramio has been around, one of the original photo-sharing services and, while it's still going, it hasn't really managed to move beyond its current audience. Not that Google did it too many favors.

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