“Pandas of Africa” Need Help Staying Alive, WildAid Campaign in China Says

Conservationists want people in China to stop buying ivory and rhino horn

Most of the ivory and rhino horn taken from animals slaughtered by poachers is sold to people in China and other countries in East Asia.

The folks at WildAid are confident that, by convincing these people to stop buying such products, they will throw poachers off their game and thus save elephants and rhinos from being hunted to extinction.

To achieve this goal, the organization has launched a new green-oriented campaign by the name “Say No to Ivory and Rhino Horn.”

As part of this campaign, they are asking the people of China and other East Asian countries to help save the “pandas of Africa.” These “pandas of Africa” are elephants and rhinos.

Mongabay tells us that, to spread their message, the conservationists have asked artist Asher Jay to create a series of posters. One of these posters is made available to you in the picture above.

Given the fact that Chinese people are quite fond of pandas and are currently doing their best to breed them in captivity in order to keep them from falling off the biodiversity map, something tells me that WildAid campaign and Asher Jay's poster will hit the spot.

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