Panasonic's Finances Take a Turn for the Better in Q4 2012 [AP]

The company sales fall but profit is still made, albeit a modest one

Panasonic has not suffered from as bad a fourth quarter as other companies, and it even has something to celebrate about the October-December 2012 period.

True, sales fell by 8 percent, but at least the company made some profit.

While it wasn't too large a sum, the 61.4 billion yen ($667 million / 489 million Euro) is still worthy of some note.

It doesn't really stand a chance of offsetting the loss of the previous financial year though, the one of $9.7 Billion that really left the world reeling (roughly 7.5 billion Euro).

That said, flat panel TV demand has been falling globally, and digital products haven't been doing much better, so Panasonic will really have to do a lot of good marketing and negotiating with potential product partners to go forward.

Source: Yahoo (AP).

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