Panasonic Reveals Technology That Doubles Image Sensor Accuracy

The company calls its invention “micro color splitters”

Image sensors are quite advanced nowadays, capable of snapping still images and recording video in very high quality. There is still room for improvement though, and Panasonic has it.

The company has revealed its so-called “micro color splitters” which remove the need for conventional CMOS debayering filters.

Debayering filters cause 50-70% of all the light coming into the sensor to be blocked.

Obviously, this isn't something that helps image clarity at all.

The micro color splitters create a sort of electronic deflector that analyzes and separates light wave frequencies much faster. This makes loss of light negligible.

Panasonic has 21 US patents and 16 overseas patents on the micro color splitters. As such, while there is no ETA for the commercialization of the technology, that it will eventually be marketed is a sure thing.

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