Panasonic Launches Three SD Cards: 2GB, 1GB and 512MB

Pro High Speed, High Speed, miniSD

Panasonic announced that it is expanding its Panasonic SD Memory Card line up, with the addition of three new SD Memory Cards. The flagship model is the 2GB SD Memory Card (up to 20MB/s data transfer rate) in the "PRO HIGH SPEED" Series. The other models include the 1GB SD Memory Card (up to 5MB/s data transfer rate) in the "HIGH SPEED" Series, and the 512MB miniSD Card (up to 2MB/s data transfer rate) in the miniSD Card line up.

Panasonic's new 2GB "PRO HIGH SPEED Series" SD Memory Card is being launched in Europe in August 2005, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of €249.99. The new Panasonic "PRO HIGH SPEED" 2GB card is designed to meet tough and severe requirements including high speed consecutive shooting by high-end DSC and MPEG2 video recording by Video Camcorders. Aside from the 2GB model, the PRO HIGH SPEED Series also has a 512MB and a 1GB model.

Panasonic is also adding the 1GB SD Memory Card to its existing "HIGH SPEED Series" 128MB, 256MB and 512MB SD Memory Cards. With this new entry, Panasonic "HIGH SPEED Series" SD Memory Cards are offering wider capacity options from 128MB to 1GB, thus meeting the requirements of entry-level DSC, MPEG4 video recording, digital audio player, PDA, etc. while also satisfying the needs of cost-conscious consumers.

With the rapid diffusion of mobile phones offering built-in high-resolution camera functions, as well as the expected increase of mobile phones equipped with a digital audio playing function, there is a growing need for large capacity miniSD Cards. The 512MB miniSD Card will be available in August 2005 in Europe, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of €49.99.

SD Memory Card Specifications

-Dimensions (W x L x T mm) 24 x 32 x 2.1mm

-Weight Approx. 2g

-Number of Pins 9 (same as existing SD Memory Card)

miniSD Card Specifications

-Dimensions 21.5 x 20 x 1.4 mm

-Weight Approx. 1 g

-Number of pins 11 pins (including 2 pins reserved for future use)

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