Panasonic GH4 4K Digital Camera Confirmed for 2014

The new GH4 camera is rumored to have a partial modular design

Recent rumors stated that Panasonic is working on a successor for the GH3 digital camera that will also feature a new image sensor capable of recording 4K2K HD video footage capture.

In addition to that, the Nippon electronics manufacturer announced a month ago the Maicovicon sensor, which supports 4K video capture at 30 frames per second and that will probably be used for the new GH4 digital camera. As Panasonic puts it, the new sensor is also said to be the “lowest noise sensor in the market.”

In a recent interview for the Japanese website Dcwatch, the company’s Director of DSC Business Unit, Ichiro Kitao confirmed that Panasonic would be releasing the GH 4K camera sometime next year.

Moreover, previous rumors said that the new GH 4K camera would also come with a partial modular design, which means that various camera components will be upgradable or could be changed according to your needs.

Panasonic announced a while ago that they would shift their focus to the mirrorless digital camera segment, which has seen a growth in sales in comparison with the digital SLR segment as well as the compact digital camera market.

Furthermore, Kitao has also announced that Panasonic is planning to release more models under the GM series. Their first model, the GM1, is the world's smallest MFT (Micro Four Thirds) camera and can easily fit in your pocket.

Next year's plans also include a new telephoto zoom lens, but it's unlikely that a new GM series digital camera will be released as soon as 2014.

The Asian market has recorded a significant increase in sales on the mirrorless digital camera segment and most manufacturers are now focusing to bring new models to Asia before releasing them on the US and Europe markets.

This is also the case of Canon, which recently announced their second interchangeable-lens camera, the EOS M2 only for the Asian market with no plan to release it in the rest of the world anytime soon.

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