Panasonic F-S1X Slim Fan, an Electric Fan That Looks like a Rod

With this we can say we've had our fill of weird gadgets for the day

Panasonic makes many consumer electronics and appliances, but it occasionally releases unusual gadgets as well. As people may have guessed, this is one of those very occasions.

The company has formally launched the F-S1X Slim Fan, which would hardly qualify as anything interesting if it actually had the shape of a fan.

It doesn't though. Instead, it is shaped more like a rod, if anything, although we can't really say it is unique.

Bladeless electric fans that look more like sticks than propellers aren't really unheard of, so Panasonic doesn't get any originality points.

The design and application is unusual though. After all, the F-S1X can direct generated breezes using the principle of fluidics.

That isn't to say that the newcomer is an evaporative cooler or miniature air conditioner. It really is just a fan.

Still, it stands apart from the fold through the use of the principle of fluidics, which directs the flow of air to certain directions.

Physically, the device measures 180 x 180 x 950 mm, or 7.08 x 7.08 x 37.40 inches, making it one of the thinnest electric fans ever. Another reason to stand out.

On that note, the unit can be turned 90 degrees from the base of the pole section.

Sadly, Panasonic did not provide specific air flow intensity numbers, although there are, supposedly, five levels to choose from.

The Panasonic F-S1X Slim Fan will start shipping on May 20, 2013, for the price of 35,000 Yen, or $374 and 287 Euro, according to exchange rates. Sales will only happen in Japan though, at least at first.

Besides everything written above, a prefilter and off-timer (can be set for 1, 2 or 4 hours), plus wireless control/access, are supposed to justify that price, but prospective buyers will have to decide on their own if that is truly the case.

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