Pampered Pooch Has ₤1800 (€2080 / $2830) Kennel

This dog house even has carpets, lights and insulated walls

A two-year-old Saint Bernard from Swadlincote, Derbyshire is now the proud resident of a dog kennel worth a whopping ₤1800 (€2080 / $2830).

Apparently, this overpriced dog kennel is actually a slightly smaller replica of his owner's three-bedroom house, and only took about 84 hours to piece together.

Besides having a gravel drive and a slate roof, this dog house also features carpets, lights and insulated walls, these being of utmost importance when it comes to making sure Wellington, as this Saint Bernard is called, never gets either too cold or too hot.

“Designing and building Wellington's house has been a hobby, so being rewarded in such a way is truly brilliant,” owner Julian Kite told members of the press.

“It's exactly the same as a traditional house, the masonry, the foundations, a traditional cut roof, it's got electrics and external lights,” Julian further said.

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