Pamela Anderson Is $371,000 (€286,796) in Debt

Star hasn’t paid her taxes in a while, is in financial trouble again

Just like the rest of the world, celebrities too are expected to pay their taxes. This seems to have slipped Pamela Anderson’s mind for the past couple of years, because she now owes $371,000 (€286,796) in back taxes, it has emerged.

The former “Baywatch” beauty is no stranger to bad finances, having already made headlines on a couple of occasions for running herself in serious debt and failing to pay her dues to the IRS.

This time is no different, TMZ reports.

The actress and former Dancing With the Stars contestant has been hit with two separate tax liens, both for 2011.

“Tax Lien #1: Filed by the IRS, says Pam owes $259,395.75 [€200,553.38] for unpaid taxes in 2011. Tax Lien #2: Filed by the State of CA, says Pam owes $112,118.90 [€86,671.95] – also for 2011,” the celebrity e-zine reports.

“All totaled, the DWTS: All Stars star – who got axed in round one this time – needs to cough up $371,514.65 [€287,194.20],” the same media outlet writes.

Anderson’s rep wasn’t available for comment at the time this got out in the press but, given the star’s track record, it seems she has an excellent ability to get herself out of trouble quickly – almost as quickly as she gets herself into it.

After going bankrupt redecorating her home and then refusing to pay the contractor, Anderson has been in debt for unpaid taxes before, as also noted above.

In fact, she was once included on Golden State’s list of “Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers,” a distinction that, one may assume, no one should be proud of getting.

Anderson is just the latest of a long string of celebrities making headlines for failing to pay taxes. Just recently, actor Stephen Baldwin was arrested in New York after also amassing one such debt, while Lindsay Lohan’s legal and financial troubles have long become tabloid fodder.

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