Palm Pre to Come to Europe in September

Available in Romania as well, says Apcom

It seems that Palm won't wait too much before making its newly launched Palm Pre mobile phone available on the European markets as well, as the handset is reported to come to the countries in Europe by the end of September. According to Apcom/I.R.I.S., the official distributors of Apple products in Romania, cited by Ziarul Financiar, the handset should come in the country at about the same price as in the US.

The new touchscreen mobile phone, considered by many the real competitor against Apple's iPhone, says Zsolt Kadar, marketing director of Apcom/I.R.I.S., should become available in Romania in late September, as well as in other European countries, though the availability will depend on the traction the handset sees in America. Palm's handsets are distributed in Romania through Omnisoft too, though there are no words from this company on the Pre so far.

As many of you might already know, the Palm Pre went live in the US at the end of the last week on the airwaves of the wireless carrier Sprint. According to the reports that surfaced soon after the launch, the phone was sold out rapidly, and the carrier announced that the sales had broken all of its previous records. At the same time, we should also mention that the handset has seen positive reviews in the media, and that analysts expect for more than 1 million units to be sold before the end of the year.

According to the news, the Palm Pre might be offered on the local market in Romania through wireless carriers as well, though no exact details on the move have been unveiled so far. Some of you might already know that the Pre has been also reported to head to O2 in the UK, while earlier reports pointed towards Telefonica as the carrier that would introduce the phone in several other markets.

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