Palm Plans webOS Phone Codenamed 'Mansion'

Palm, the Sunnyvale mobile phone maker bought by HP earlier this year, is expected to come to the market with new smartphones powered by its webOS platform, and one of these would supposedly sport the codename of “mansion.”

The mobile phone manufacturer already announced officially that it plans on launching a series of new devices running under webOS sometime next year, but did not unveil specific info on them.

Following rumors on a possible sequel for the Palm Pre Plus smartphone, info on another handset in preparation over at Palm has just emerged into the wild.

A mobile phone sporting the model number P102 was spotted in a certification database not too long ago, and was believed to be the said Palm Pre Plus 2, but what we're looking at now is a different breed, the guys over at PreCentral note in a recent post.

It appears that some specifications on this unknown device, which reportedly sports the codename of 'mansion,' already emerged into the wild, the news site notes.

According to their source, the upcoming smartphone would pack a touchscreen display boasting a 800 x 480 pixels resolution, while lacking the physical keyboard found on the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus.

The smartphone would run under the webOS 2.0 flavor of the Palm operating system, which was announced previously as being set to land on the market before the end of the ongoing year.

Of course, there are still a wide range of unknown details when it comes to the newly rumored device, including info on its internal specs, on its branding, or on the performance levels it would be able to deliver to user.

Hopefully, HP would be willing to invest into the delivery of some powerful smartphones on the market, and Palm Pre would be followed by appealing devices, capable taking full advantage of what webOS can offer.

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