Palm Beach Health Department Clerk Arrested for Stealing Details of 2,800 Patients

The woman passed the information on to her accomplices who used it for false tax returns

Salita St. Simon, a 30-year-old senior clerk at the Palm Beach Health Department, Florida, has been arrested on suspicion that she stole the personal details of over 2,800 patients in an attempt to commit identity theft.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the woman has been charged with identity theft and, if found guilty, she faces up to five years in prison and three years of supervised release.

Authorities believe the suspect stole names, social security numbers, dates of birth and other sensitive information from the computer systems of the Palm Beach Health Department, and passed them along to her accomplices.

The accomplices used the information to file fraudulent tax returns.

In a public notice posted on its website, the Health Department reassures patients that their medical or financial details have not been compromised.

Simon has been terminated from her position and the affected individuals are being notified.

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