Palm Beach County Health Department Employee Accused of Fraud

A woman was arrested after trying to mail the details of 111 patients

25-year-old Teah Green, who worked as a clerk at the Palm Beach County Health Department, was fired from her job and charged with multiple counts of fraud after investigators found that she stole the details of 111 individuals.

The suspect leveraged a flaw in the department’s computer system to obtain patient details without being tracked, the South Florida Sun Sentinel informs.

In order to avoid being detected, Green only generated lists containing names, dates of birth and social security numbers, instead of accessing specific patient records. However, the details contained in the lists are more than enough to commit fraud.

After gaining access to the information, the woman attempted to mail them to one Carmel Linot in Jacksonville. Linot was accused of recruiting high-school students to open bank accounts which he would use for fraudulent tax returns.

Green was apprehended after attempting to mail a package containing the stolen identities at a UPS Store. The store’s security realized that something was amiss when she didn’t mind paying $31 (23 EUR) to make sure that her “card” reached Jacksonville by the next morning.

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