Palit Joins GTS 450 Bandwagon with Low Profile Card

As soon as NVIDIA's GeForce GTS 450 was revealed as rapidly approaching, a slew of leaks started to find their way to he web, each dealing with a specific model of the GTS 450 that a certain one of NVIDIA's partners intends to release, and Palit is now joining the movement with its own card.

The GeForce GTS 450 will be powered by the GF106 graphics processing unit, a GPU based on the Fermi architecture and built on the 40nm manufacturing process.

Thus, the GF106 will have full support for DirectX 11, the latest graphics technology that includes tessellation, a component that leads to sharper graphics than were previously possible.

The GTS 450 should be positioned directly below the GTX 460 in the performance of NVIDIA's video cards, and this was more or less confirmed when it was said that the GTS 450 will replace the GTS 250.

The GTS 450 that Palit has mostly finished preparing is a low profile card, which suggests it will likely be used in small form factor systems, like LAN Party systems or perhaps even better-than-average HTPCs.

In terms of performance, it will stick to reference clocks, which means that the GPU, the shaders and the 1GB of GDDR5 memory will run at 783 MHz, 1,566 MHz and 3,806 MHz.

Also, the product features 192 CUDA cores and a memory interface of 128 bits, in addition to the obligatory DirectX 11, PhysX and CUDA support.

The so-called drawback of this video card is that it lack SLI capabilities, which means it won't be usable in multi-GPU configurations.

This sets it apart from the other models, especially the overclocked ones, like EVGA's SuperClocked, but did allow its maker to strike a price point of just $136 on Amazon.

Other companies that are getting ready to sell their respective GTS 450 boards are Manli, ASUS and Colorful.

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