Palit, Galaxy and Gainward Launch GeForce GTX Titan Cards as Well

The list grows, even though the card is supposed to be limited edition

  Gainward GeForce GTX Titan
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Since ASUS, EVGA and Zotac have already introduced their respective GeForce GTX graphics cards, it makes sense that others would too.

Though NVIDIA said this mightiest of all graphics adapters would only be made in small numbers, they are not, apparently, too small to restrict the availability of rebranded models.

Palit, Galaxy and Gainward all have such cards on the way, priced at $1,000 / 1,000 Euro or so. It ultimately depends on the company, retailer, location, VAT, shipment taxes, etc.

The specifications are rather thoroughly described here, and the only “unique” Titan, so far, is the one that EVGA released with a waterblock.

Speaking of which, EK has a single-slot waterblock for whoever wants a SLI configuration or just wants better and silent cooling for the beast.

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By    22 Feb 2013, 13:41 GMT