Pakistani Parents Kill Teenage Daughter with Acid, for Talking to a Boy

The couple defended their family's honor, thought she had a relationship with the boy

Mohammad Zafar and his wife protected their family's honor by punishing their 15-year-old daughter for talking to a boy.

The incident, that happened on Tuesday in the Khoi Ratta district, Kashmir region, in Pakistan, ended in tragedy as enraged parents poured acid on their teenage daughter Anvu Sha.

Zafar, the girl's father, thought the teenager had entered a relationship with a boy he saw talking to his daughter in front of their home. He violently attacked the girl before pouring acid on her.

Her body was too fragile to survive almost 70 percent burns. Al Jazeera reports that the man was supported in his actions by the girl's mother. After they had disciplined her, they did not provide the girl with medical assistance.

"Zafar beat her up and then poured acid over her with the help of his wife. She was badly burnt but they did not take her to hospital until the next morning, and she died on Wednesday," local police officer Tahir Ayub stated.

The girl was transported to the state Kotli hospital, where she was attended by Doctor Mohammad Jahangir. Unfortunately, she was brought in too late, already in a "very critical condition," and couldn't be saved.

The Zafars were turned in by their older daughter, who is married and most likely did not share a home with them. The woman requested the police investigation into her sister's death that pointed to her parents as the killers.

Anvu's father defends his actions and admits to them, explaining the crime was committed in the pursuit of "honor." He and his wife will be facing a trial on murder charges.

"The parents have confessed, saying that they suspected the girl had illicit relations with a boy. [...] We have registered a murder case against the girl's father and mother," Ayub said.

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