Pakistani Hackers Flood Pastebin with Links to Compromised Sites

Websense researchers noticed a spike on November 20

Security solutions providers constantly monitor social media and other sites of interest to keep track of hack attacks and other malicious activities. While monitoring Pastebin, on November 20, Websense experts detected a spike in the number of compromised URLs posted on the code sharing site.

A member of the Pakistany Cyber Army, one of Pakistan’s leading hacker groups, had posted a number of 572 URLs leading to compromised websites.

It’s not uncommon for Asian hackers to deface hundreds and even thousands of websites at a time to display their protest messages, and this situation demonstrates it once again.

Pastebin is trying to keep the site clean, but the task is not easy to achieve considering that it has become a favorite place for hackers who want to brag about their accomplishments.

Another interesting thing revealed by Websense experts is the campaign initiated this summer by students from HaBetzefer, an Israeli school of advertising and art, and McCann Digital, an Israeli ad agency.

While they’re against cyber wars, they highlight the fact that the defacements made by hackers are “uninspired,” so they’ve decided to lend them a hand by redesigning their hack pages.

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