Pair Sneaked into the Superdome During Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance

Students at Savannah State University videotape themselves breaking into the Superdome

By on February 16th, 2013 08:26 GMT

A couple of students at Savannah State University were able to sneak into this year's Super Bowl while Beyonce was offering the perfect distraction with her halftime performance.

They videotaped themselves as they conquered the Superdome, passing security staff and walking through tunnels.

It appears 4,000 guards had been hired for the Big Game. At the beginning of the clip, the pair walk right by some of those guards, nervous and surprised that they are not being asked any questions.

"They should have stopped us. [...] They should have stopped us but they didn't," one of them says.

As they get closer, a policeman approaches them, asking them what they are doing. They respond that they are making a documentary and run off as he goes to check something.