“Pacific Rim” Trailer: Giant Robots Fight Giant Monsters, Man Caught in the Middle

New Guillermo del Toro movie gets full trailer, reception of it is mixed

For some time now, Guillermo del Toro has been hammering away on a project called “Pacific Rim,” which, as the brand new, official trailer confirms, is way bigger than anything fans might have imagined.

Check it out above. The big bonus: hearing voice actress Ellen McLain from GLaDOS.

The synopsis had already said that the film would pit giant, manned robots against huge sea monsters threatening to tear our planet to pieces, but perhaps no one imagined the scope of the film would really be this big.

Not even the previous teasers had hinted at a movie of this magnitude.

While there’s no denying that “Pacific Rim” is huge, whether it will also manage to bring something new to the table is still debatable: this trailer plays out like pretty much any other trailer for a movie of the genre, using the same formula and the same ingredients.

It actually makes “Pacific Rim” seem generic which, for a director of del Toro’s caliber, is quite a disappointment.

Then again, trailers are almost always deceiving like that, so we might still be surprised when it arrives in theaters on July 12, 2013.


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