PSP Getting MMO from 'Dungeons & Dragons' Producer Lawrence Liberty

'... the machine has the basic components to field an MMO'

The producer of Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics, Lawrence Liberty believes that the PSP not only could handle an MMO, but would do so in style. The only problem would be a small user base, but other than that, everything falls into place. There's no question whether the PSP could handle an MMORPG, or not.

"There could be an MMO made for the PSP," Liberty told Eurogamer. "Even if it relied on a sizeable Memory Stick, the machine has the basic components to field an MMO. It could certainly handle something like EverQuest Online Adventures [PS2 MMO].

But there is a big question mark above the whole PSP-MMO deal: is the market out there? "This begs the question, would there be a market for a PSP MMO?" There's another question to be answered if an MMO for the PSP was in order: will the RPG gameplay elements lose to the MMO gameplay elements, or vice-versa?

But the man is optimistic, as the same site reports. He believes that there's plenty of space in the genre-space for RPG and MMO to co-exist. In simpler terms, if one rises above the other, that doesn't mean it will win the battle: "I think there is room enough for both genres to thrive. The continued success of Final Fantasy is testament to that. The gaming market continues to expand, so I don't view the RPG market as fixed," he continued.

Another interview with the same Dungeons & Dragons producer is due this week, so keep close and we'll keep you posted. I'm getting the shakes already, just by imagining the possibilities... No way the PSP is going to see any more price cuts if a MMO from Kuju Entertainment is in order for Sony's handheld. No biggy, no one will mind I'm sure. This would be a dream come true.

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