PS4 Project Morpheus Gets Massive Leak, Targets $299 (€299) Price, 2015 Launch

The Last of Us, Driveclub, and other games are getting VR support

A massive leak concerning the recently revealed Project Morpheus virtual reality headset from Sony has just appeared online, confirming quite a few targets for the new device from the Japanese company, such as 299 USD/EUR price tag or a spring 2015 launch date.

Project Morpheus impressed quite a lot of different GDC 2014 participants earlier this week when it was revealed to the world by Sony as a prototype virtual reality headset.

Unfortunately, while a few technical details were revealed, Sony emphasized that it was still in prototype phase and wouldn't be released for some time.

Now, a massive leak has surfaced on Reddit from a new user with an inside source at Sony.

Quite a lot of massive details are discussed, starting with a targeted release period of spring 2015. Apparently, Sony was initially looking towards a fall 2014 launch but instead decided to polish the headset some more and give its internal studios and external partners enough time to craft experiences specifically for Morpheus.

As you can imagine, the name will change before the official release, but Sony has yet to decide on the actual designation for the headset. Some nouns have been thrown around, like View or Vision, but so far no decision has been taken.

Sony is also targeting a price between 250 and 299 USD/EUR, and the headset will be bundled with a camera. While the company wants to keep the price tag as low as possible, the source claims that it spent a lot of money on research and development and wants to recover it as fast as possible.

In terms of actual games, the source says that already some projects are getting Morpheus support, such as The Last of Us or Driveclub, and that new projects, like a God of War, will also receive this. Apparently, Sony wants to get big franchises launched alongside the headset in order to draw the attention of mainstream gamers.

Guerrilla Games is also working on a "unique first-person adventure role-playing game" built for the ground up for VR, and Sucker Punch will start a new project after launching Infamous: Second Son this month.

Sony is aiming at quite a lot of different experiences, from gamers, to virtual vacations, and the possibility of exploring different historical time periods, as well as the ocean or space. An interface for the PS4 designed with VR in mind, not to mention various multiplayer mini-games, are also in development.

Overall, it seems that Sony is a firm believer in Virtual Reality but wants to do it right and this means a release next year and a pretty steep price, so let's hope the gamble pays off.

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