PS3 - New Firmware Update Next Week!

Inside, some supposedly "leaked' details

Sony's Senior PR Manager, Patrick Seybold has confirmed in a post, that something quite special is being planned for the PS3 firmware update next week, as reports. When the man was asked when PS3 owners should be expecting the new update, (via PlayStation Store), Seybold replied:

"Early next week, we'll have something on the firmware"

Recent supposedly leaked details sound a little something like this, as the same site posts:


- HTML has been added under network allowing users to view HTML documents saved on the PS3 HDD.

- Save HTML has been added as an option in the PS3 web browser. allowing users to save the source of the document to there PS3 HDD.

- Priority can now be set to Background downloading. allowing you to changes the order of when a download is active.


- New Sideshow Option [Effects Show] added.

- Picture Options added [Black&White, Old, Worn, Overexposed] added under the options menu.

- Animated GIF Image support added.


- Added Graphic Equalizer added under Music Options menu. all 7.1 channels are configurable independently.


- Keyboard Mapping has been added to the sections Keyboard section of settings. shortcuts such as the disk in drive, or a particular game can be set to a shortcut on the keyboard with a key not currently in use."

Sounds good, doesn't it. Should be accurate too. For example, that "Save HTML" feature can't possibly be fake, as it was in order from the very beginning. And besides, who'd think of adding that as a feature if they wanted to blow anyone's mind away with a big fat lie. Music Options... hmmm! That "all 7.1 channels are configurable independently" sounds too good to be true. Then again, anything's possible with the PS3, I guess.

Alright then, see you next week when everything listed above turns out to be true... hopefully.

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