PS3 Failing to Play Blu-ray Movies Again

Many are reporting the same problem and it looks like it's a firmware issue after all

Thought the PS3 didn't have enough problems right on the verge of its European launch? Well, here's another: it seems that the machine's malfunctioning when trying to play Blu-ray movies on it isn't a controller issue after all, neither is it any user error. All signs are indicating a firmware issue. If you've upgraded your PS3 to v. 1.5 firmware, then that might be the problem, as I4U News' Shane McGlaun reported:

"I get home and put the movie in ready for some HD goodness thanks to my PS3 Blu-Ray player. What I was greeted with was intermittent issues that made the movie react like I had paused it. The control wasn't in my hand, the movie is new and in pristine condition so user error is out." Wow! That sounds just like what happened to Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft when he tried to play a Blu-ray movie. He specifically reported that the options menu popped up totally random, seven or eight times, without any interference from him.

Looks like Sony's got some pretty concerning issues on their hands. Not only does the European PS3 fail to emulate popular PS2 titles (out of the 1200 it does emulate), but it also has firmware problems. As a PS3 owner, you'd rather want to think it was you to blame for a malfunctioning of the system when trying to watch a movie. Or blame it on the SIXAXIS even. Anything but a firmware issue. You can't fix that right away, now can you? But no, these two guys have experienced the exact same malfunction of the PS3 and they're not the only ones. Looks like Sony's bitten off a little more than they could chew with that all star system of theirs, huh?

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