PS Vita Firmware Update 3.0 Now Available for Download, Brings PS4 Link App

The new system software update allows Remote Play with the upcoming PS4

The PlayStation Vita has just received system software update 3.0, bringing a new edition of the handheld console's firmware with support for the PlayStation 4 next-gen home console, as well as plenty of other new features, tweaks, and improvements.

The PS Vita is slowly becoming a great portable console and, thanks to the new price cut and the Remote Play functionality that combines it with the upcoming PS4, the handheld is an attractive device.

Now, in order to prepare the Vita for the PS4's launch and to add even more impressive features to it, a fresh system software update has just been rolled out worldwide by Sony.

Check out the list below to see all the new things included in the firmware update via PS blog, which can already be downloaded when you connect the Vita to a wireless network.



The PS4 Link app has been added to the PS Vita system’s home screen. With this application, you can use your PS Vita to remotely control a PS4 system, and play a range of PS4 games on your PS Vita screen. When you’re playing a game on PS4 that supports second screen features, you can also display information from that game on your PS Vita and use it as a second screen.



The Parental Controls application has been added to the home screen. You can now manage the duration of game play, and the use of games and videos that have parental controls. You can also control access to certain areas of the system, including the use of the Internet browser and Location Data.


A Panoramic Camera setting has been added. You can now take panoramic photos on PS Vita, and look around the photo by using the PS Vita’s built-in motion sensor.


The application layout for Friends has been improved. There are now four tabs:

Find Player on PSN


Friend Requests

Players Blocked


The Group Messaging application name and icon have been changed to Messages. The application layout has also been improved, and you can now send and receive messages with friends and players on PS4 or on mobile devices installed with PlayStation App.


The icon for the Party application has been changed. You can now voice chat and text chat with friends and players on PS4.


You can now sync the contacts saved in your email account from services including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. To sync your contacts, select Contact List > Options > [CardDAV Settings] > [Add CardDAV Account], and then follow the screens.



You can now use Wi-Fi to connect your PS Vita to a PS3, and transfer data between them. Your PS Vita and PS3 must be connected within the same network.‎ Also, to use this feature, the system software of the PS3 you’re using must be version 4.50 or later.

PS3 Remote Play

The Remote Play application name and icon have been changed to PS3 Remote Play.


You can now download future system software updates automatically.


You can now display Trophies of PS4 software on your PS Vita. Rarity of the trophy cannot be displayed.

The PS Vita firmware update 3.0 can now be downloaded worldwide through the handheld console. Check out a video of all these new features below.

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