PS Now Will Get PS4, PS2, PS1 Games Soon, Will Appear in Other Countries Over Time

Sony will continue to evolve the new service and bring it to territories outside the U.S.

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Now, its recently revealed game streaming service, will offer other games besides ones made for the PS3, including PS4 or PS2 titles, and that it's going to debut in other territories over time.

The PlayStation Now announcement made by Sony yesterday surprised quite a lot of people and the company revealed that the new service would stream, at least at first, PS3 games to the PS4 and PS3, and then to the PS Vita, Bravia TVs, smartphones, or tablets.

Now, Sony's John Koller has shed a bit more light on the program and emphasized that games for other platforms, including PS4, PS2, or PS1, would be available for streaming at a later point in time, while the actual service will debut in territories besides the U.S. in the future.

"[SCE president and CEO] Andy House mentioned this morning PS3 first, and then PS1, PS2 and PS4 to come later," Koller told CVG. "So over time... what we're going to do is we have a beta coming in a couple of weeks; we're going to look at how PS3 works best. And PS3 will be the tip of the spear. We'll see how it scales, the business model, all those things. We have other territories to launch in over time. And then we'll start looking at how we can piece together other content."

The PS3 has quite a lot of great games from many different time periods, according to Koller, and that makes it a great test for the service at launch.

"PS3's great because it's current still. There's a lot of content from 2006-09 that has fallen out of retail and fallen out of people's heads, but they're great experiences. It brings that world to the PS4 consumer as well as PS3 and Vita and others. So it's the best way to launch. And we'll bring in other content as we go along."

Expect to hear much more about PS Now soon, as a closed beta will start this month in the U.S., while the full service will roll out sometime in summer.

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