PRO 2900 Headphones from Ultrasone Now Official

Once again, a hardware maker has broken the silence in order to unveil a pair of headphones, and this time it is Ultrasone that announces its newest creation, known as the PRO 2900 and equipped with titanium-plated drivers, among other things.

Already one set of high-end headphones has been unveiled, namely the DX11 from Turtle Beach, which promises to give users a better sensation of immersion while gaming.

Now, the aptly-named Ultrasone has come forth and unwrapped the PRO 2900, the latest in the PRO series of headphones and a product that puts great emphasis on both performance and comfort.

On the comfort side, the most obvious asset is the fact that the black ear pads are covered in soft velvet.

Another special element is the MU-Metal shielding, part of the ULE technology, which practically reduces the amount of radiation directed to the one listening by 98 percent.

“Ultrasone developed a special MU Metal shielding (ULE-technology) to reduce the radiation by up to 98% compared to current headphones,” states the product page.

“The ULE-technology has stood the test of international review and is recommended by technical surveillance organizations,” the company adds.

What's more, the Ultrasone PRO 2900 headphones utilize driver that measure 40mm and are plated with titanium.

For those interested in performance numbers, the newcomer headset boasts a frequency range of 42.000 Hz and an impedance of 40 Ohms.

Furthermore, the S-Logic Plus technology drastically lowers the sound pressure on the ear drum, by up to 40% to be exact, without impacting on the 'loudness sensation', the clarity of the sound as it were.

Other specifications include detachable USC -cables (Ultra Soft Cable) cables, gold-plated 6.3mm jacks, aluminum nameplates.

The audio solution will be bundled with a PRO box for transportation and will be available in two versions, the standard one and a double cable model. The former will sell for $549, whereas the latter will have a price tag of $799.

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