PETA's Reaction to Animal Rights Activists Being Called “Rabbit People” by LAPD Commander

“'Rabbit people' are the ones in cages, we are 'human people,'” the organization says

Having just reported on how an LAPD commander caused quite a media stir by calling animal rights activists “rabbit people,” the time has now come to take a minute or two and ponder on PETA's reaction to this email.

According to Huffington Post, PETA was not in the least upset, and merely wished to draw attention to the fact that Andrew Smith must have been terribly confused when writing that email.

Thus, the organization’s President, Ingrid Newkirk, made a case of how, “We don't think the LAPD commander meant more than a quick way to ID those of us who care about animals, although he may have been confused: 'Rabbit people' are the ones in cages in laboratories, and we are the 'human people' working to get them out.”

What PETA means is that all living creatures are “people,” and that the only difference between them is that, while some are “rabbit people” or “porcupine people,” others are “human people” who can think, walk and talk.

When faced with this statement, one can only say that PETA has a very interesting way of looking at the world.

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