PETA Sponsors Chicken in Ricky Martin's Name

The organization is overjoyed the singer has decided to become a vegetarian

Towards the end of February, Ricky Martin took his fans quite by surprise by tweeting that he had decided to become a vegetarian. Shortly after, PETA presented him with a vegetarian starter kit, and congratulated him for his decision to turn his life around.

Recent news on the topic says that the organization has also sponsored a chicken in Ricky Martin's name. The chicken is named Olivia and, for the time being, it is living at the Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Florida.

Look to the Stars quotes PETA's Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman, who argued as follows: “PETA is delighted that Ricky is sharing with his millions of fans how incredible he feels as a vegetarian.”

“He’s not alone: People who go vegetarian boost their energy and cut their risk of heart disease, cancer, and obesity—and they help save animals like Olivia, too,” Tracy Reiman further explained.

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