PETA Plans to Picket “The Hobbit” Premiere on November 28

27 animals allegedly died while shooting this movie, the organization seeks retaliation

It was only yesterday when the news broke that, according to several whistleblowers, as many as 27 animals involved in the shooting of “The Hobbit” died as a result of sheer negligence.

Thus, it was then said that, although these animals were well looked after while they were on set, the farm they were kept at when they were no longer needed to shoot various scenes did very little to make sure they were kept out of harm’s way.

Because of the sinkholes and the bluffs found within this farm's territory, several horses, goats, sheep and chicken died, the whistleblowers said.

Green-oriented PETA now wishes to hold Peter Jackson accountable for these deaths, and argues that it was his responsibility to make sure the animals were safe both when on the set, and when off it.

On the other hand, spokespersons for Peter Jackson argue that some of these deaths came as a result of natural causes, and that the production company no longer leases this farm anyway.

Rumor has it that PETA intends to voice their complaints this coming November 28, the official date for the world movie premiere of “The Hobbit.”

Given the fact that most of PETA protests are anything but easy to overlook, there are many who believe that members of this organization will most likely show up at the premiere, hoping to crash the party, picket the event and get their point across.

E! News quotes Lisa Lange, presently working as senior vice president for PETA, who wished to draw attention to the fact that, “Peter Jackson's films have been at the forefront of the special-effects revolution.”

“But this production's decision to use numerous live animals and allow them to suffer needlessly and die takes the entertainment industry a giant and disgraceful step backward,” this animal rights activist went on to add.

For the time being, one can only wait and see what November 28 will bring.

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