PETA Now Part Owner of SeaWorld

The organization plans to use their newly acquired status to rescue SeaWorld's animals

Thanks to their purchasing several SeaWorld shares, green-oriented group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) can now call themselves part owners of said marine park.

Given PETA's rather long history of protests against SeaWorld and their way of treating animals, the news that this organization is now a part owner of this marine park might strike some people as a tad confusing.

As PETA explained when going public with the news of their having bought these shares, they have absolutely no intention of joining hands with SeaWorld and switch to making a profit by abusing animals.

Quite the contrary: what they want is use their newly acquired status to free some of the animals living at this marine park and make sure that the others are treated in a humane manner.

“We quickly purchased the smallest number of shares necessary to give us the right to attend and speak at annual meetings and to submit shareholder resolutions asking for policy changes,” reads the organization's official website.

Furthermore, “Our first order of business as part owners of SeaWorld? Getting the orcas out—including Corky, who has been enslaved by SeaWorld for 44 years.”

PETA's attempts to make sure that SeaWorld's animals are properly looked after will come down to their educating other stockholders about how keeping whales, dolphins and the like in small concrete tanks harms them both physically and psychologically.

“We will educate stockholders about how marine parks tear orcas and dolphins away from their homes and families and imprison them in minuscule concrete tanks, where they suffer from captivity-induced stress and illness,” the organization explain.

Apart from their trying to rescue the animals kept in captivity by SeaWorld in this manner, PETA are to push forward with their SeaWorldofHurt campaing, whose goal is that of letting the general public know how said marine park abuses animals for the purpose of making a profit.

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