PETA Lets Kids Handle Sharp Bullhook Used to Train Circus Elephants

The organization hopes their “show and tell” will discourage kids from going to the circus

Most of the times, people only go to the circus because their kids are delighted by the idea of watching animals perform various tricks.

PETA, whose members have been working long and hard to rid the circus industry of its ties with animal abuse, decided to deal with this issue by organizing a “show and tell” during which they allowed kids to handle a bullhook.

For those unaware, bullhooks are sharp instruments that circus employees use to train elephants. The organization describes these instruments as “weapons.”

PETA's “show and tell” took place on July 4, in San Antonio. It was supposed to raise awareness about the mistreatment of elephants, and educate kids and their parents.

“Kids love elephants, and when they find out how the animals are cruelly trained to perform circus tricks, they'll want to help,” PETA member Delcianna Winders explains.

PETA's idea that people who are familiar with the abuses circus elephants suffer at the hands of their handlers will likely think twice before going to see a performance makes sense.

On the other hand, the idea of letting a child handle a bullhook just doesn't. Not to me, at least.

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