PETA Congratulates Anne Hathaway on Her Wedding, Honors Her with Special Gift

The organization decides to sponsor a rescued calf in the celebrity's name

Only a few days back, celebrity Anne Hathaway married actor and jewelry designer Adam Schulman.

For those unaware, their wedding feast was an all-vegan one, so it need not come as a surprise that the animal rights activists working with PETA hold this Hollywood sweetheart very close at heart.

In order to congratulate her on her wedding and honor her green-oriented life principles, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) decided to sponsor a rescued calf in Anne Hathaway's name.

As explained on the official website of this organization, this calf – named Peter – was rescued from a dairy factory farm in Pennsylvania.

Because of improper living conditions, the animal became infested with lice and several other parasites. Moreover, those who rescued him found that he was also suffering from conjunctivitis.

Seeing how the enclosure the calf was kept in hadn't been cleaned in quite a while, something which most likely led to the animal's developing all of the aforementioned health conditions, PETA had no issues in pointing the finger at this dairy factory farm and accusing it of animal abuse and negligence.

Still, following his being taken to The Cow Sanctuary in Shiloh, New Jersey, Peter is slowly but surely getting back on his feet, and odds are that PETA's sponsoring his recovery in Anne Hathaway's name will help speed up the process.

Commenting on the organization’s decision to honor Anne Hathaway by sponsoring this calf, PETA's Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman, made a case of how, “By going vegan, Anne is doing the best thing that she can to better her health and save calves like Peter from a life of suffering.”

Furthermore, “Anne is living proof that vegans are beautiful from the inside out.”

We can only assume that green-oriented organization PETA is hoping that this celebrity's all-vegan wedding will also help determine more people to quit eating meat and dairy, seeing how several ordinary folks look up to this celebrity.

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