PCMan File Manager 1.0.2 Gets New Search Engine Support

One of the most popular file managers for Linux has received some important new features

By on October 31st, 2012 16:55 GMT

PCMan File Manager, an application developed by Hong Jen Yee from Taiwan which is meant to be a replacement for Nautilus, Konqueror and Thunar, is now at version 1.0.2.

PCMan File Manager or PCManFM is already integrated in a large number of distributions, especially because it's a stable version.

Highlights of PCMan File Manager 1.0.2:

• Underscores (mnemonics) have been corrected on every menu and dialog;
• Migrated to new libfm APIs for simplification;
• GTK+ 3.0 compatibility problems have been fixed;
• switch --with-gtk=N has been added to configure script, where N is GTK+ version: 2 or 3;
• The option 'Treat backup files as hidden’ has been added into 'Display' tab of the preferences dialog and 'Use Application Startup Notify by default' has been added into 'Advanced' tab;
• New search engine support has been added.

Check out the official changelog for a complete list of changes.

Download PCMan File Manager 1.0.2 right now from Softpedia.