PCLinuxOS 2014.07 Arrives with Linux Kernel 3.15.4 and KDE 4.12.3 – Gallery

The famous PCLinuxOS distro has just received a minor update

PCLinuxOS 2014.07, a free Linux distribution aimed at desktop computers and laptops and relying on KDE, has been released with numerous package updates.

PCLinuxOS comes with many flavors, but the default is actually KDE. The developers also make a few other versions, like KDE MiniMe, LXDE, or FullMonty, but this is the main one downloaded by most users.

The distribution actually follows a rolling release model, which means that new major features and other changes are introduced regularly through the update channel. Every month, the download ISOs are regenerated with the new update, but if you already have the operating system installed you only have to update it regularly.

“The KDE MiniMe iso provides a basic KDE desktop and is intended for advanced users who know how to fine-tune their system. To keep this iso small no printer drivers are included. The KDE Full Version ISO provides a standard KDE desktop with many popular applications and out-of-the-box driver support for generic desktop computing,” reads the official announcement.

According to the changelog, the Linux kernel now used in the distribution is 3.15.4, which is one of the most recent. It's not exactly top-of-the line, but it's new enough that users won't have any problems with newer hardware.

PCLinuxOS is still using KDE 4.12.3, which is a rather old version. The developers of this distro have been using this desktop for quite some time, but an upgrade should arrive pretty soon. Also, Nvidia and ATI fglrx driver support is available, multimedia playback support for many popular formats has been added, the LibreOffice Manager can install LibreOffice supporting over 100 languages, and MyLiveCD allows users to take a snapshot of the installation.

The developers have also explained that “in case of low or missing speaker volume users need to click the speaker-icon at the bottom right of the panel, then on ‘Mixer’, and raise the volume sliders.”

The system requirements for this interesting OS are quite low, if you want to give it a try. Users will need a modern Intel or AMD processor (preferably for 32-bit), 1 GB or more RAM memory (recommended 4 GB+), 10 GB or more HDD space, and NVIDIA, ATI HD 4000, or better graphics card to enjoy the 3D desktop and all the effects.

More details about this Linux distribution can be found in the official changelog. You can download PCLinuxOS 2014.07 right now from Softpedia. A new version of the more complete PCLinuxOS FullMonty should also arrive pretty soon.


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